Stonington Pilates is a full service Pilates studio located in the Stonington borough. The studio offers private and semi-private reformer/ apparatus lessons, small group mat classes utilizing magic circles, weights and exercise balls. Stonington Pilates also offers Pilates for Golf programs. Pilates for Golf is a trademarked certification that expands the traditional Pilates repertoire with golf specific exercises utilizing the Pilates techniques and principles. This program is user friendly for golfers, especially men and includes traditional Pilates exercise modifications. 
Premium Jumpstart for new clients
Have you been wanting to get in shape, reinvigorate your current workout or try something new? $135 for 3 private sessions ($45.00/session)
Jumpstart for duets ($90.00)
Want to try Pilates with a friend, partner or relative? Three introductory sessions with you and your duet partner will get you working towards a new level of fitness! $90.00 per person (That's just $30/person/session!)